White Depths

White Depths
08.06.2011 - 11.09.2011

"Inspired by the ideas of the English art historian John Ruskin, proponent of a romantic and ethical ideal of beauty at odds with the late-modern era Imperialist sense of superiority, the Finnish artist traces the spasmodic pursuit of perfection - sublimated in the color white – back to the capitalist desire for hegemony and control over nature and over man.
Juxtaposing the consequences of that culture with the image of the present, Salla Tykkä highlights the idiosyncrasies that lie at the origins of contemporary myths and of our perception of beauty (a constructed, forced, unnatural and domesticated beauty), as well as the effects of the false ideologies that led to the decline of an era and a culture."
- an extract from the EX3 website-